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Introduction of standard-setting Community branch of CBRC micro branch

economic Observer reporter Shi Yaoyao on December 31, 2013, the banking regulatory Bureau, Jiangsu Province, governed by the Office of small and medium commercial bank issued the medium and small commercial banks to establish community branches and small branch-related matters notice (hereinafter "the notice"), community branch and the small branch licence needed. Cannot get the financial license, should be turned into an unattended self-service banking or terminates its business operations.

"access indicators to strengthen the small and medium commercial bank's lead; the other hand due to the more granular access indicators, which also reduces the operating space of personal relationships to the approval. "Cho told journalists working in joint-stock commercial banks.

This copies oriented Jiangsu Province the silver prison branch, and Jiangsu Bank, and Nanjing Bank (7.96,-0.08,-1%), and the joint-stock commercial banks Nanjing branch and the city commercial banks Nanjing branch of "notification" pointed out that, the small commercial banks currently has established of "self Bank + people" of advisory type dot should into 2014 community branch, and small micro-branch development planning, perform corresponding administrative license program, as branch into management.

has while got "notification" and December 6, 2013 Bank of China industry supervision Management Committee (following said "Silver prison will") issued to by management all sector of same title file (following said "No. 277, paper") of small commercial banks related people think, Jiangsu Province of "notification" in access mark, and business Shang has has more clear of requirements, and this obviously on silver prison will file of added.

compared Yu previously "No. 277, paper" proposed of four article provides, "notification" will in access conditions in the upgrade to five points and very specific: a is regulatory rating not below three level, II is retail business and small micro-enterprise financial service based better, three is has in intends set city established branch or depending on with branch management of institutions and official business one years above, business status and risk management status good, recently one years no serious illegal violations behavior and for internal management problem led to of major case. Four capital adequacy and quality of capital, such as margin deposits in more than indicators in line with regulatory requirements. Five, at the Bank and branch has developed community branches, small branch systems.

"grade is the highest level, its main scoring standard illegal, bad case of core indicators. If the city is a three-tier commercial banks, they can be opened in national institutions. "Zhao said.

community branch and small branches in specific lines of business does not contain artificial cash business. If artificial cash services all types of customer, or apply for all functions, in accordance with the traditional branch entry requirements for administrative licensing and management.

This also means that branch in communities where residents cannot use cash to buy financial products or general community branch cash deposit business. This has set up a community branch had to to the laying of the cash counter electronic transaction based distribution.

in this regard, another joint-stock commercial bank official said confused.

"is allowed in the original community branch laid the cash counter. And if the full electronic trading will certainly increase operating costs, because it requires a strong network background and technical support. "He said.

"notice" a distinction is made on the application of standards and types and settings.

points out that legal entity within the Bank or branch, Jiangsu Province, as a unit, last month six months the average individual deposits and loans than incremental or the last six months at 10% per cent of the bodies, you can batch set up a community branch.

last month six months the average small business loan balance than incremental or the last six months at 10% per cent of institutions, you can batch set up small branches.

each city one application in the establishment of community branches, small branches, in principle, exceed the 5.

reporter rough statistics, altogether four State-owned commercial banks currently has more than 70,000 branch outlets, all listed joint-stock commercial banks and city commercial banks together but the number of outlets more than 6,000 enterprises.

a joint-stock commercial bank concerned looks, this suggests that those who want to make up for the lack of branches through community branch branches of small and medium commercial bank, the business development direction in the future.

"the two documents by comparison, the" notice "is clearly" No. 277 "for further refinement. This could be signaling then the CBRC supervision would be more dispersed and treated differently. If other provinces are the introduction of specific standards document will no doubt increase the difficulty of national joint-stock commercial bank. "He said.


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