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End of the cash-strapped, small loan company has become a market of "meat and potatoes".

end of cash-strapped, small loan company has become a market of "meat and potatoes". However, a simple "money money" is not good to do business. Despite strong demand for funds, micro-credit companies are caught in a dilemma of money.

according to the China Business Journal reporter, "money loans" and "no money anxious" is now the micro-credit market phenomenon. For small and micro enterprises and real estate developers, small loan companies money are slowing down. Because of the rising risk of this type of business, small loan companies more willing to try new business models, and avoid potential risks.

real estate loans in disguise a high rate

in the real estate loan "delicious cake" before most of the micro-credit falter.

when banks tighten money bags, and small loan companies under the capital relatively abundant, property developers have frequently to small loan company for help.

said Zhou Hao, head of another small loan company in Guangzhou, in addition to SMEs such "regular customer" looking for micro-credit loans, found real estate companies may from time to time come for help, and throws a very attractive return on interest.

for example, he said, a developer in arrears with construction subcontractors 5 million Yuan project. Chinese new year is approaching, Mr Zhang to give his workers a salary home, he had to take the developers arrive for several of his houses, mortgage small loan company loan.

small loans make a mortgage lending company to House Mr 5 million Yuan, and a 3% "comprehensive monthly", equivalent to annual interest of 36%. This loan is divided into two parts with the monthly 3%, of which 2% is a small loan company loan interest, and 1% is a financial company "financial consulting".

he told reporters that, similar to the micro-credit companies are now more popular usurious lending in disguise, the toll bypass regulators on lending rates "shall not exceed a maximum interest rates on similar loans over the same period released by the people's Bank of 4 times" rule.

according to industry sources, at present small and medium sized real estate developers to borrow money, small loan companies monthly can even reach four points, annualized rate of 48%. "Some small loan company has been involved in real estate-related businesses. Compared to small and medium businesses, developers have fixed mortgages, the risk is relatively small. "

However, in the real estate loan" delicious cake "before most of the micro-credit falter.

"developers have recently come to us. "A small loan company General Manager Zhang Ping said, they are mainly small and medium real estate companies, but the large amount of money they want, usually more than 100 million Yuan, not loans, mainly engineering, in order to give migrant workers a salary at the end, and set aside money starts next year.

"such a large amount of funds, micro-credit companies can do, only a small loan company shareholders do. "Zhang Ping said.

Pearl River Delta small loan company, for example, they generally registered capital of 100 million ~2 million, the required small loan company the single largest loan shall not exceed the amount of own funds of the 10%, these loans can only envy them. But they all have a strong shareholder background. People in the industry say, some small shareholders took over the loan company the small real estate companies, high interest rate loans.

"big real-estate developer money, cash-strapped small and medium developers, but these small real estate business in the coming years will be like, we are waiting, do not dare. Because you don't know real estate is turn left or turn right, didn't dare to do too much, even a small amount of first-tier cities, cities can't do two or three lines. "Zhang Ping said.

loans for small and micro enterprises, Zhang ping, very helpless. "Last year, we are still not positive, do a year and found the going gets bad. Interest rates on mortgage loans of up to the year of 18%~20%, this data is 14%~15%. This year's interest rate General 3~5 points higher than last year. "

one senior industry analyst noted that" nearly 20% of the cost of capital for some enterprises, this may be a small loan company loan balance is an important cause of slowing. "

micro-credit company

some micro-credit the company with capital, has been trying to take part of their business, including personal loans, consumer loans, and so on.

higher risk compared to the real estate industry and small and micro loans, micro-credit companies are more willing to try new business models less dependent on lending to business.

it is understood that banks make "shortage of money", the small loan company with capital, has been trying to take part of their business, including personal loans, consumer loans, and so on.

the reporter learns, real estate [Twitter] (14.48, 1.32, 10.03%), soufun, e-House China, have been offering micro-loans for home buyers, and partners is a small loan company behind.

"annual interest rate at 10%. As long as the funds used to purchase without collateral and guarantees the highest possible 500,000 yuan. Individuals to provide identity cards, household registration and work address and other related information. "A small loan company's Business Manager, told reporters in Beijing, has been conducting similar operations all over the country.

rongan investment guarantees, Deputy General Manager Wang pengyun Express, personal property loans seldom go to consider small loans, interest rates are too high, are mostly short-term working, this part of the loan will not be too great in the business of.

compare home loans, consumer credit is slightly shorter, the small loan company to launch the new business is welcomed. These micro-credit operations manager said that "no money if you just buy a house renovation, through micro-credit to make consumer loans. Compared to Bank's consumer loan, small loan companies loan faster, interest rates at around 9%~10%. "

" now small loan companies have the money, have stepped up cooperation with the Bank. Bank in no circumstances, will some recommend to small business loans to the company. "These senior industry analysts believe that small business loan company in the growing diversity, so as to have a greater risk of resistance.

However, compared to profits of real estate loans, mortgage and consumer loan yields are much less obvious, reflected little credit company in the Fund is not high up, more loan security.

in addition to the lending business, the small loan company is still keen to share with Chinese business, through its own funds to enlarge investor stock market leverage. Due to the mode of operation designed to protect small loan companies money, so the risk is not high.

according to press reports, some small credit even stepped up investment in the business, but the business market and directly linked to the stock market. From small business loans, funds rate varies in different companies, and the threshold for funding. Small stocks owned business distribution thresholds generally range between 50,000 to 100,000 yuan, an annual average interest rate is 15%~18%. Matching funding threshold (more than 3 million yuan) institutional clients with high capital costs are relatively low, the lowest annualized rate 8%.


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