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Guangdong guarantee winter: more than half of companies shut down financial Street store

        depression in the security industry in Guangdong could usher in "warm winter"?

reporter recently visited the daily news found that is currently in Guangzhou private finance Street (4.98,-0.06,-1.19%) security company stores only a normal business.

Guangdong Province, according to data provided by the credit guarantee Association Secretary-General Chen Wen-first half of this year, Guangdong Province (excluding Shenzhen) added security Enterprise 6997, fell 55%; companies engaged in financing guarantee business is also declining, at present only 45% of the guarantee company or financial guaranty business, more than 50% of the guarantee agency operations to a halt.

However, the second half of this year, Guangdong Province (in particular between Guangzhou and Foshan), there have been some bright spots and improvement, the Government gave a lot of support policies, banks also have signs of loosening.

However, Guangdong can guarantee as well as bauhinia flower of the South experiencing a mild winter, remains to be proved.

Financial Street "cold"/

talk about the recession more than a year, Guangdong sponsored people still shudder at tripod-sponsored events. "Banks are reluctant and security companies? Because Hua Ding after the security incident, the Government immediately introduced a number of policies, to rectify the security industry. Many banks suspended and the security company's cooperation. "Guangzhou finance guarantee Association Secretary-General Liao Zhenliang told reporters.

so far, the earthquake aftermath. According to Guangzhou civil financial Street official website Yu March 12, 2013 released of Guangzhou civil financial Street institutions settled situation list, stationed in civil financial street of guarantees enterprise a total 4 home, which Guangdong jiuding investment guarantees company "not opened (not handle fire record, a floor currently has has personnel office try industry)", meeting days into financing guarantees company, and silver up financing guarantees investment company, and Guangzhou City financing guarantees Center are "has opened".

the daily economic news of December 23 field visits found that normal business in Guangzhou private finance Street guarantees yinda guarantees only a company store.

among them, meeting days into a financing company and secured financing, Guangzhou City Center store address in long beach on financial Street, 252-254 main road, downstairs security guard told reporters that the meeting days into a financing company "had moved a few months ago" Financing Center in Guangzhou City, 3/f. Reporters in Guangzhou City, 3/f, Hall found financing guarantee Center nameplate, there is no Office staff. With securities companies in a Hall staff member told reporters that Guangzhou Finance secured only listed here, had never seen staff. Jiuding in Guangdong investment guarantee company stores the address listed is the Golden pawn, jiuding nameplate secured could not be found.

seats shrink to a security company in Guangzhou private finance Street, behind Guangdong guarantee may be such as to depression.

according to the data provided by Chen Wen, Guangdong Province (excluding Shenzhen) in 2013, total of 71.3 billion yuan in the first half, down 35.48%; 21.8 billion yuan increase its financing in the current period, fell 57.82%; new security Enterprise 6997, down 55%. Final liability balance of 48 billion yuan, down 42%. Companies engaged in financing guarantee business is also declining, at present only 45% of the guarantee company or financial guaranty business, more than 50% guarantee agency operations to a halt.

Chen said Guangdong as a whole security industry decline in these two years. "The decline reasons on the one hand is the macroeconomic environment is not good, money is tight, demand fell in the small companies, on the cooperation between banks and take out the problem banks since the beginning of 2012, private security is badly down, basically none of four major State-owned banks and private guarantees worked; there is also a company voluntarily contracting because of bad business environment causes. Many secured due to the industry downturn, Guangdong Hua Ding security event, and is not the results of this event will occur, has merely accelerated this outcome occurs. "

financing guarantee Association, Guangzhou City has not told the business daily reporter provides industry data in the first half. Liao Zhenliang said, "now is not too clear, so data is messy. "He explained to reporters, City Security Association office until July, before" pause ".

to be confirmed "warm winter"/

If huading Guangdong guarantee industry security incident blows the wind, Government support is undoubtedly the industry waiting for warmth.

"the recent dense implement government policies on security, including the regulation on financial support for economic restructuring and the transformation and upgrading of the guidelines (national" 2013 "67th) are involved in security industry. Meanwhile, has funded the establishment of local government-backed equity fund, guarantee fund set up by the Government in Huizhou, SASAC also shares a lot of security companies, the Guangzhou Municipal Government has put up some money to risk security company subsidies. These support improving the Bank's confidence in the company, leading banks and guarantee the company's cooperation. "Chen said.

from these documents, Government's attitude towards security industry in the second half of this year significant changes have taken place, but in the end the stream to be passed through the Bank to the security industry. If the Bank is not loose, security industry hard rebound.

"the CBRC made a survey in Guangzhou in November, heard the views of the island secured enterprise, Finance Office of the many important officials were present, that regulator's attention. In addition, the Guangzhou City Government is drafting a security file. "Liao Zhenliang took out a few of the Guangzhou Municipal Government issued the draft, said the exact contents have not formally finalized, but many policies supported in the draft, such as Special Fund guidelines, no less than 50 million per year.

for the file when, he said, "should still be in the program. "

with support from the Government, since the second half of Guangzhou-Foshan between the security industry also does have some bright colors. In October, Guangdong finance investment group and guarantees signed in "proportional reinsurance" strategic cooperation agreement. It is understood that security is a State of a security company with foreign capital pilot projects, registered capital of 5.126 billion yuan, is one of the largest domestic investment guarantee agency. The agreement was interpreted by market "guarantees".

"with security, many banks are willing to cooperate and guarantee company. "Chen said.

in addition, on November 13, from Foshan integrated financial group became the first successfully landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's private guarantee agencies.

However, the industry as a whole warmed up there hanging and outstanding issues need to be addressed, such as industry turmoil and Bank attitude.

according to data provided by Chen Wen, Guangdong Province (excluding Shenzhen) registered with the industrial and commercial administration-backed enterprises had more than 2,900 enterprises, close to 3,000, but financing guarantee business licenses only 373, most of which are operating without a licence. "The current problem, basic security institutions are operating without a licence. "Chen," said Government regulation in this area haven't come. "

as for the attitude of banks, Liao Zhenliang said already there are signs of loosening," recently with the China Construction Bank (4.08,-0.06,-1.45%) held two seminars – silver bear Forum. Banks are gradually digested the Government's attitude. "However, this is only an individual phenomenon.

"from my understanding of the situation, there is marked improvement in the second half, but still want to see statistics for the full year. "Chen said to reporters.


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