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Guangzhou more than bank employees hold deposit near to "survival"

save several bank employees held in Guangzhou near to "survival" managing product year yields breaking 7

-linked bonuses

near the end of, save a hold of the big banks into white-hot stage. Banks not only financial products above 7, accompanied by a bank employee range Rover's "survival" approach, some banks discount record, State employees are increasingly tense competition between the banks and deposit-taking, drain more pressure in the face, and even executives out of the bank deposits.

insiders noted that absorption of bank deposit interest rate is relatively high, loan interest rate discount will instead float, financing costs will increase.

in June, revenue at an annual rate of 7% per cent of the products are still fresh. Financial products, on December 24, SocGen (9.82, 0.03, 0.31%) short-term bank financing products, refresh the record yields. The issue of a non-capital preservation products, only 96 days, expected annualized yields as high as 7.6%. A voice in the industry, if we consider the financial costs and other costs, the corresponding underlying assets yield close to 8%, banks may return flat. Record financing costs also led to fears that banking product "made at a loss." Yesterday read more than the Bank's financial products found, not only products of the Industrial Bank expected annual yield of 7%, ping an Bank (11.72, 0.02, 0.17%) also has a product to 7.5%, while China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong development is also part of the product is 6.8%.

launch relative help get storage

end of bank employees, under the pressure of huge savings, in addition to the importuning of the deposit, there's no other way. Some relatives of bank employees began a help call deposits, one Netizen even in the micro-circle "daughter-in-law" deposits. Yesterday, readers paper Miss told reporter, its received has a bit Bank friends of SMS, asked can turned some deposits to he there, "I this friends is in Bank do administrative work of, yiqian has never no heard he to pulled deposits, didn't thought this year he also faced so big of pressure, also with I said help help's......" paper Miss said, although the line to out of range Rover save conditions also just is sent some small gift, and no some small bank discount, conditions temptation big, but for friends help, she also is decided help help the friends.

at present, the deposit-taking has become a staff assessment of a very important task, "and directly linked to wages, bonuses, not nervous? Pull not only no reward money will be deducted. "Some bank employees clock said branch the branch also do a focus test, in addition to the individual business, and collective businesses.

grasp the remaining banks increasing pressure, money brokers to the media, said discount ratio is about 3 per thousand in the past ~4.5 per thousand, normally 3 days, with the money go towards the end of, current interest has been rising to 4.5 ‰ ~6 ‰, and time is extended to 10 days, in case of unable to borrow money at the end. Meanwhile, some banks also use delay to reduce loss of deposit, some netizens even said there have been large withdrawals by Miss an appointment.

the reasons of: price confusion inside and outside funds

yesterday, the media reported that the first three weeks of December, workers, farmers, about 95 billion yuan, built four new deposits, compared to hundreds of millions of deposit outflows earlier this month, deposit return speed of sharp contrast to lack of funds in the interbank market. Commercial banks Sprint check prices forced in and out of funds at the end of the disorder may be really behind nearly a week of illiquidity.

"at the same time, wealth management products in low-yielding bank or discount is not big enough to face loss of deposit issues, in fact big drain more pressure in the face. "Optimizing wealth Chairman Zhang Hucheng told reporters.

in fact, the absorption of bank deposit interest rate is relatively high, is the rise in lending rates directly, also directly raise the cost of corporate financing. Yesterday, the Bank of China (2.66, 0.01, 0.38%), said Cao Yuanzheng, Chief Economist, China's current liquidity problem does not occur, but high liquidity cost.

"the high cost of bank deposit-taking, would lead directly to Bank profit margins decline, banks to maintain profit growth, will raise lending rates. "Zhang Hucheng said.



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