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66% bankers call cities home prices

      6.1% bankers surveyed put; the Bank of China (2.66, 0.00, 0%) survey, 66.6% said the Bank will focus on real estate loans as in restraint of trade

, Beijing News (reporter Shen Wei Qing) The China Banking Association and PricewaterhouseCoopers, jointly issued the Chinese bankers survey report 2013 yesterday, despite the tough market regulation measures implemented this year, two-thirds of the respondents still think cities home prices will continue to rise in the coming year, and Super 40% bankers think that two or three City house prices will continue to rise next year. It is reported that respondents reported as 76 banks 1604 Bank executives in the country.

real estate loans are still being the banks focused on limiting

reports show that most Bank executives believe the real estate market is on the decline.

in a survey of real estate market trends for the year ahead, 66.3% banker bullish first-tier cities, only put 6.1%; 87.3% bankers bullish on real estate sales in first-tier cities, 43% City real estate sales will rise two or three lines.

in February this year, the real estate market "five new countries" issued requiring resolutely curb speculative investment purchase, strict implementation of commodity housing restrictions, opened a new round of regulation of the curtain. But tough means does not bring prices down accordingly, after entering the second half of the first-tier cities prices have a tendency to expand.

report released in July by the Ministry of land and resources, "said five new country" inhibitory effects on market limited housing demand, housing prices took an active, stimulating residential land prices rose significantly.

However, while optimistic about the development of the real estate market, but in the banking sectors in the focus, real estate up to 66.6% than the first. That means that 66.6% per cent of banking industry will focus on real estate as a loan limit. Banking on real estate credit has taken the "list system" management to improve bank entry threshold for developers.

eliminating backward production capacity as Bank Chief risks

Although the real estate market has a certain release, but other risks are still bankers can't relax. In the current concerns of the banking industry risk survey, respondents with more than 50% will "eliminate backward production capacity due to credit risk" at the top and related restrictions on loans associated with this industry. For example, restrictions on bank loans to the metallurgy industry jumped to 60% from 23.6% in the previous year, paper making, textile degree of backward production capacity, such as centralized loan limit increased from the previous year.

General rate expected, 40.1% per cent of respondents said that this year the bank rate at between 3%-5%, this year expected significantly higher overall rate level of 0.97% of commercial banks in the third quarter. Rate expectations of rising displays of the industries, the proportion of metallurgical industries 38.3% top due to sluggish shipping market since last year, shipping industry expected rate ranked second, the real estate industry in third place.

with the advancement of marketization of interest rate, bankers ' expectations for future profit growth also declined. More than 70% per cent of respondents, over a three-year revenue and profit growth will be less than 20%. Judging from the listed Bank earnings in the first three quarters of this year, 16 listed Bank's net profit increased by only 13%, this is also a "slowdown in Bank profits will be the norm" of market expectations.


topic # 1 Internet financial

nearly banker is willing to work with "marriage" between

this year's hot Internet financial brings a challenge to traditional banks. Over 40% bankers, corporate finance services, service provider (such as Ali, the micro-credit) the greatest impact on banking will bring enormous challenges to the banking sector as a whole. How banks can participate in the "feast", 77.9% Bank executives surveyed said, and e-commerce, and other non-financial institutions to complement and also has advantages over 50% of bankers think the Bank should hold, and other competition agencies.

However, when Bank Internet banking at Internet companies cannot compare advantages, nearly respondents, Bank's greatest strength lies in the risk management and control.

financial risk for the Internet, former Deputy Director of the development research center of the State Council Lu Zhongyuan in Tencent, the Internet finance on Friday ceremony said, whether financial or Internet banking to Internet, in the final analysis to remember "you play is a financial, not the Internet", there are financial systemic risk. "Finance must understand financial rules, boundaries and common-sense things, otherwise will be punished by financial. "He said.

topic 2 banking

Bank financial products is not the last year are now defaulting

Wang yan Xiu, Director of innovation of the CBRC in 2013, the Chinese bankers survey report yesterday said at a press conference, current bank balance of financial products in China has exceeded 10 trillion yuan, annually since 2005, the issuance to achieve positive returns, it is very rare. Reports also show that 90% bankers believed should continue to expand the scale of financial products, on a financial investment, bonds and notes, money market instruments, highly liquid fixed-income assets, such as the most popular.

but in parallel with the explosive growth of financial products, risk also appeared behind. Since the end of last year, a number of financial products issued by banks there is a cash crisis. In this regard, in July of this year the CBRC has started registration of financial information system, all products available for sale only to be registered in the system. Wang yan Xiu said that last year more than 40,000 number of banking products are all due honour, no defaults.

topic 3 "money shortage"

maturity mismatch of assets and liabilities led to "shortage of money"

that took place in June of this year money market fund tightened, interest rates rose sharply this year's landmark events in the banking sector. Last week, the situation again. Report in June, "shortage of money" hit bankers ' confidence in the liquidity risk management.

survey 55.5% of bankers think the currency market turmoil "culprit" is a serious of bank assets and liabilities term structure mismatch, in addition, the excessive growth of credit and financing of off-balance sheet products such as concentrated due, banks ' liquidity risk management capacity, asymmetric information cause panic June factors affecting the money market turmoil.

report finds that several factors stack, under the action of increasing commercial banks ' liquidity risk management difficulty, especially the expansion of interest rate volatility will increase the term of the asset-liability mismatch risk and basis risk. This indicates that the interest rate environment, market risk factors of transmission speed will significantly speed up, cash flow will be more frequent.

topic 4 place debt

place debt risk main stems from information not symmetric

for outside general concern of place debt problem, over 60% of bankers said, information not symmetric is cleanup specification local government debt of maximum difficulties, as "cannot master full caliber local government sex debt information, led to risk to accurate estimates", and "local government financing channel increasingly diversified, risk monitoring difficulty increasingly increased" and "funds using not specification, Difficult to monitor loans capital flows "and so on.

also, with the development of local government debt coming due, 64.3% bankers feel the need to strengthen the protection of the interests of creditors; 52.9% bankers feel the need to reduce administrative intervention by the Government to financial institutions.

it is learnt that at the traditional loan financing is under strict supervision, some local governments through opaque channels such as trust, wealth management products to continue financing, increasing the difficulty of supervision.

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