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Program introduction

Car loans

Car loans

  You want
  from the information provided (1) the book of personal loan application;
  (2) personal identity documents. Include the identity card, residence booklet, military ID, passport, Macao and Taiwan compatriots travelling to pass, and so on. Borrowing people married of to provides spouse of identity proved;
  (3) household proved or long-term live proved;
  (4) personal income proved, necessary Shi must provides family income or property proved;
  (5) by car dealer issued of car intention proved;
  (6) car first payment proved;
  (7) to by purchased vehicles mortgage yiwai of way for guarantees of, Needed to provide security-related materials
  (8) if the purchased vehicle as a commercial vehicle, also must provide proof of the operating vehicles eligible for purchase, such as vehicle fleet affiliation agreements, lease agreements and other affiliated.

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